Defining molecular signatures of drug resistance and sensitivity

Defining molecular signatures of drug resistance and sensitivity

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Cancers show a range of responses to therapy, and establishing the best match between a patient and available drug treatments is one of the challenges of precision medicine.

This project will build on existing research efforts in our lab to define molecular signatures of drug response in cell line screens, develop methods to predict patient response, explore mechanisms of resistance and sensitivity in specific cancers, and identify potential combination therapies.

About our research group

Our laboratory studies the regulatory networks that control the behavior of cells in normal and cancerous tissues. We approach these questions with a suite of computational techniques that include classical bioinformatics methods, knowledge-based modelling, machine learning, and network analysis. We collaborate with cancer research groups across Australia to discover the mechanisms driving metastasis, therapy response, and disease outcome. Members of the lab have a variety of backgrounds, including bioinformatics, molecular genetics, computational biology, computer science, biomedical engineering, mathematics and statistics. 



Dr Melissa Davis

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