Development of novel RNA sequencing protocols for gene expression analysis

Development of novel RNA sequencing protocols for gene expression analysis

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RNA sequencing has been widely adapted in the research community. A common use case is differential expression testing, also referred to as classification of samples. Limitations of the technology include technical variation, hands-on time and cost. We propose the use of synthetic RNA sequences, early pooling of samples and capture of RNA molecules.  

The student will help improve upon our existing RNA-Seq workflow through redesign of these sequences and subsequent molecular biology steps. This project will suit detail-orientated students interested in complex laboratory protocols and genomics analysis. The student will learn about molecular biology, cell culture, bioinformatics and experimental design. 

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The Bowden Laboratory is interested in improving how we study genomes and their organisation and expression, focusing particularly on infection, the study of individual cells and ways to exploit DNA sequencing to develop new treatments for disease.  

Our laboratory hosts the WEHI Genomics facility. We support WEHI in accessing all forms of genomics technology, through a comprehensive suite of advanced preparation platforms and sequencing technologies, and a dynamic R&D program that matches WEHI’s areas of scientific focus.


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Dr Rory Bowden

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Genomics Laboratory Head and Centre Manager, WEHI Advanced Genomics Facility
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