Investigation of a novel cell death protein

Investigation of a novel cell death protein

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Taking advantage of recent advances in the prediction of protein folds, we have identified an uncharacterised protein that appears to be involved in cell death.

This project will determine the signalling pathways that the protein regulates in contexts such as cancer, inflammation and infection. Starting with studies in the Masters laboratory, we will make cell line models with CRISPR deletion or overexpression of the protein and/or its relevant domains, and then interrogate them via biochemical approaches such as Western Blot, proteomics, viability analysis and other world-class medical research techniques available at WEHI. The project will then move for the final year of the PhD to the Geyer laboratory in Germany for biophysical and structural studies of the heretofore uncharacterised protein. 

About our research group

In the Masters laboratory, we identify possible autoinflammatory disease-causing mutations through clinical data. Recently, the group has begun focusing on neuroinflammation, which is a clinical symptom of many monogenic autoinflammatory diseases. 

We investigate suspected disease-causing mutations using genome editing by the CRISPR/Cas9 system, basic molecular and cellular techniques and super resolution imaging. We maintain close links to industry and the clinic to make sure our discoveries can continue to have a direct effect on human health in the future. 


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