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Dynein and Kinesin
A multi-scale reconstruction of the organisation and structural features of DNA inside a chromosome of a living cell.
Insulin receptor animation still
The role of the insulin receptor in type 2 diabetes.
Mendel animation
This state-of-the-art visual and orchestral spectacular in Brno, Czech Republic, celebrates 150 years since Gregor Johann Mendel first discovered the...
Animation still of RNA transcription activation
Vitamin D from the sun’s rays can switch on all kinds of important processes in your body.
DNA unzip animation still
Unzipping of DNA molecule to reveal the letters of the genetic code
Muscle cell myofibril structure
Model of muscle cell myofibril structure
Animation still of RNA
RNA polymerase enzyme
Visualisation of a malaria parasite
Malaria parasite migrating through bloodstream
Visualisation of dynein and kinesin
Microtubule fibers with molecular motors dynein and kinesin